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Peter Engering

Co-Founder and CEO
Compliance Champs

Peter is co-founder and CEO of Compliance Champs ( He has extensive experience with financial economic crime in the financial services industry both from a content perspective (e.g. onboarding, offboarding, sanctions, transaction monitoring, RAS, policy writing (also for new topics like crypto)), process perspective (configuring and implementing improvements), program management: leading large (remediation) projects and as the Head of AML/KYC departments. As part of one of his engagements he was the chairman of the Cryptoboard of Rabobank and introduced the first crypto policy in the Netherlands that also received media coverage. He has also made a certified training program regarding cryptocurrency financial crimes (see Certified Compliance Professional in Cryptocurrency Financial Crimes (CCPC™) | Chartered Institute of Professional Certifications (

He both worked and lived in many countries which has given him the opportunity to see the differences in approaches to tackling money laundering, terrorism financing and sanctions evasion. He has also been involved in regulatory inspections (DNB/NBB/FSA/FMA) and can provide insights in what regulators will investigate and knows what good looks like. He is pragmatic and incorporates a risk-based approach which is now heavily embraced by European regulators.